Recovery exam about the driving ability/Driving license

Who are we?

Doctor Ignaas Lindemans is trained both in psychiatry and functional rehabilitation in Leuven (KUL), and in neurology in Bruges (A.Z.St. Jan), Leiden (NL-Rijksuniversiteit) and Brussels (V.U.B. Neurophysiology). He is active as a court expert and expert in the evaluation of neurocognitive damage. Dr Lindemans is a recognized specialist in insurance medicine and was a member of the ministerial recognition committee.

Anneleen Poll is a psychologist by training and has more than 10 years of expertise in road safety, including training in alcohol lock guidance and recovery studies.

How much does such a Recovery Examination cost?

The maximum prices are determined by the Ministerial Decree of 8 March 2006 and are indexed annually.

What can we do for you ?

We carry out remedial investigations, which can be imposed on you by the court after a violation for "Driving under the Influence" or recidivism.

You must successfully complete these remedial examinations in order to get your driving license back after your driving ban.

Possible results of such a study are the following:

You have passed. You will receive a certificate from us with which you can pick up your driver's license at the registry after expiry.

You have passed under certain conditions. You will receive a certificate from us with which you can apply for a temporary driving license at the municipality.

You did not pass. Then you can take a repair examination again after a period of 6 months to still get your driver's license back after expiry.

What should you do?

When you have to take a remedial examination, the public prosecutor's office will provide you with a list of institutions that are authorized to conduct these tests. You then indicate our institution in Halle and send it back to the public prosecutor's office. If you do not fill in or return the list, the parquet will choose you. You will then receive a letter from us with a transfer form.

After payment you will be suggested an appointment within 14 days. If this appointment does not suit you, you can request a new date by e-mail.

You then take the examinations on the proposed date.
You will receive the results on the same day of the study. In case the doctor has requested a blood or urine analysis, you will receive the result in your mailbox within the week.

How does such a recovery study work?

A recovery examination consists of a visit to a doctor and a psychologist, which take place on the same day. The medical examination consists of a clinical examination to determine whether you suffer from a medical condition that affects your fitness to drive and/or whether you are physically and mentally competent to drive. You will then be interviewed by the psychologist who will check with you the circumstances of the violation, show insight into the consequences of "Driving under the Influence “and possible use of resources. You will also take psychotechnical tests that measure reaction time, attention, inhibition and planning ability. Finally you fill in a personality questionnaire.

In case the doctor deems it necessary, you can have a blood or urine sample taken at the clinic.