Therapeutic range

Therapeutic work and offer

We understand that a first contact with psychological help may be difficult. That is why we wish to explain our workmethod and procedure. We welcome children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.For all questions, don't hesitate to contact

The process

If you wish to meet with the psychiatrist Lindemans MD, please contact the secretariat by telephone . Dr Lindemans will refer you to the appropriate person if you are in need of psychotherapy or concise psychodiagnostic testing (see below).If you are unsure of whom you should address, or if you are seeking help spontaneously, we invite you to contact 02 356 26 24 to make and appointment.

During this first conversation, we will try to understand at best your difficulties and we will inform you of our work method. Our aim is to gather as much information possible in the quickest and most effective fashion, as to treat you our refer you at best. We can also discuss the (possible) need and use of medication.

If we are unable to help you, we will refer you to other authorities, more suitable and apt to help you in your diffculties. This way, you will win time and save time, travel and money for unnecessary consultations. After these first conversations, we will discuss among collaborators who is most able to help you (which treatment, which therapist, etc.). The treatment will fit your needs, and will be explain to you in advance. First consultations are always non-commital.

Psychodiagnostic testing

As a centre for expertise, we specialize in psychodiagnostics. If you are interested in a specific testing, e.g. personality, attention, IQ, etc., we can offer you our services. You can ask any questions you may have via

Price and other rates

Prices vary in terms of duration, frequency and method. Address your questions to