Canossa was founded (official gazette) in December 1984 with a view to acquiring a suitable property to organize medical consultations.

These medical assignments were completed a short time later by Mediter CVBA, which transferred the necessary rents to Canossa.

The building is a historic house in the center of Halle (history building attached) built around 1860 by the then mayor and brewer in the city of Halle.

This building has a rich history and initially Mediter took over all medical activities that have since reduced its medical activity.

As part of this patrimony, Canossa has owned properties in Hastière par delà and Narbonne-Plage, but these have since been sold because they do not belong to the core mission.

However, in 2003 an office complex was set up next to it, which is now operated by the Europa Hospitals as an outpatient clinic 

The main activity of Canossa therefore mainly concerns the organization and execution of medical consultations (Dr. Lindemans), assisted by several paramedical employees.

The peace of Arenberg

The peace of Arenberg 1887: a mansion with history

In 1887 Leopold Jozef de Boeck had an eclectic style house built in the centre of Halle. Whoever walks into the house constantly gets clues about who this man was. There are ceiling paintings of musical instruments, murals on silk depicting nymphs with hop-and-grape leaves and a fire glass showing a goat, among other things. Leopold de Boeck was for a long time mayor of Halle, brewer,
and also chairman of the harmonic. The man is no longer there, but the 19th-century character has been consistently preserved in the house. Today Ignaas Lindemans lives there. He is a neuropsychiatrist and because his cabinet is on the ground floor and psychologists still work upstairs,
living and working in this house are rather easy to mix. A fascinating house with a lot of history and interesting stories that keep the 19th century alive.

  1. Upon entering, the visitor immediately receives an impression that reflects the atmosphere of the rest of the house: 19th century grandeur.
  2. The salon on the street side is also bathed in an impressive 19th-century atmosphere.
  3. In the middle salon, a wooden mantelpiece, among other things, attracts attention. If you look closer, you will see a relief of two greeting hands: the logo of the former brewery 'De Vrede' and also a reference to the current name of the house: 'The peace of Arenberg'.
  4. From the spacious dining room, where no less than five sons used to sit together with his wife Klaartje Burms (now deceased), you have a beautiful view of the picturesque and typical city garden