Therapeutic offer


We understand that the first step to psychological help can be difficult. That is why we want to explain our operation and offer of help on this page as clearly as possible.
We offer help to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by mail at

The course

If you would like a consultation with Dr. Psychiatrist Lindemans, it is best to contact the secretariat by telephone (see contact details). Dr. Lindemans will refer you to the right person if psychotherapy or a brief diagnostic examination is indicated (see below). If you are not sure who to go to, or if you spontaneously seek help, we invite you to call us on this number 02 356 26 24 to arrange a first interview.

During this first meeting, we try to understand your difficulties as well as possible and inform you about our operation. The purpose of this is to collect information as quickly and efficiently as possible, to treat you as well as possible, or to refer you as accurately as possible. We can also discuss the (possible) usefulness of medication during this first meeting.

If we cannot help you, we refer you to other medical institutions that seem to us to be more suitable and competent for your problems. This saves you time and saves you unnecessary consultations, travel and costs. After these initial interviews, we discuss internally which of our employees can best help you (what type of treatment, which therapist, etc.). The treatment plan that is made especially for you will be explained to you in advance. The first conversations are without obligation.

Psychodiagnostics examinations

As an expertise and expert medical cabinet, we specialize in psychodiagnostics. If you are interested in a specific study of e.g. personality, attention, IQ, etc., we can provide an answer. Questions about these investigations should also be sent to

Prices and other tariffs

Prices vary depending on duration, frequency, type of treatment. You can also send questions about this at